The MIV Imaging Venture laboratory was created in 2006 by Mihai Ivanovici, and in 2010 the MIV2 laboratory was born by merging with the Machine Intelligence and Vision team, leaded by professor Răzvan Andonie. MIV2 has its roots in the former image processing research group within the Institute of Computing Techniques (ITC), Brașov. Nowadays the MIV2 laboratory is integrated in the C13 research center called “Electronic Embedded Systems and Advanced Communications” within the Research and Development Institute of the Transilvania University Brașov. The MIV2 laboratory collaborates with:

  • LAPI (Image Processing and Analysis Laboratory), Politehnica University, Bucharest
  • XLIM-SIC (Signals, Images, Communications Laboratory), Futuroscope, Poitiers, France
  • GRIN (GRaphics and INteractive Multimedia Laboratory), ARTEMIS Department, Institute Mines-Télécom, Evry, France
  • CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Geneva, Switzerland

The research portfolio of the MIV2 laboratory is available for download here [PDF, 363 kB].